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Team Building

Airborne Project by WFE not only doing corporate events like annual dinner but also helps corporate in managing their employees bonding by doing Team Building.

Team Building & Training Type:
  • Fun Team Building / Team Bonding: By having team race and gather together to complete goals, during the entire process we can see communication, leadership, problem solving and argument that happens in our workplace. This is why by using fun team race to make our team to aware problems and solve the problems together to make a happiness workplace in company!
  • Can be your own department or cross department
  • Can be indoor and also outdoor
  • Can be Hardcore or Emotional

Internal training


Internal Topic Training: Workplace took us 1/3 in our daily routine, workplace happiness becoming more important in this era. We encounter Communication, Leadership, Lack of Confidence, Work like a Zombie and many many more! No matter you are a SME or MNC we should really look into it. Let's see if these topics are suitable for you?

  • Personalities check and position matching (Team/Position Matching)
  • How to become a Manager? (Newbie Manager)
  • Stress is Fun! (Stress Management)
  • Be a good communicator today! (Communication)

We never underestimate the power of TEAM can achieve, with strong bonding team in the company is always the priority! 
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